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We are home!!! We thoroughly enjoyed our family beach vaca!! With a total of four children in the house, it was always busy, but we wouldn't have it any other way. It's no secret I love to share our life, our chaos, our business ventures, and our sweet children. Since being at the beach, I have had so many messages and comments about tips for traveling with children or recommendation requests for beach gear or attire. I thought I would add to my blog about my experiences and product must-haves. The list is pretty long, but I will attempt to condense. 

{ My Must-Haves }

1) Comfortable, Affordable Swimsuit

I personally love a suit that covers all the areas I need covered. I recently ordered a tankini from Cupshe and it's pretty true to size and comfy. The colorful one and one of my kimonos I ordered from Boho Universe and I went 1 size up. I also have another one I hope I love that just arrived from there, but it is quite thin and when nursing babies, we need more padding than that thing!! But I think going 1 size up on that was great for that one, as well. I'm able to nurse in both of those. And I also always go back to my Liz Claiborne ones with the ruching so the rolls just don't POP!! And I like the strapless ones to avoid tan lines and easy nursing access!! I get those at JCPenney.

2) Cover-Up

I love this Maxi Dress from and could double as cover-up. The quality is great and comes with a "slip" so it can be worn under the linen, floral piece to be more of a dress. It seems true to size. 

And I love a kimono. We have several in our Kimono Collection you can definitely double as a swim cover-up and dinner attire. I have one from Wal-Mart that is pretty, but kept falling off of my shoulders. I mostly used the one from all week. It's on sale right now for $26.99.

 3) Beach Hat

I recently bought one at War-Mart that I loved this trip.

4) Travel Sunnies

Keep one in the car and one in the beach bag. I love Fossil sunnies and mine have always lasted years and none of that weird peeling some sunglasses have done. And I also used a collapsable pair while on the beach my Mom gifted me, so not sure of the brand. But they came with a little case and were perfect for the beach bag. 

5) Seacret Products

Body Butter, Essential Face Moisture Cream, CLEAR Facial Cleanser to avoid breaking out from sunblock, Hairbrush, CC Cream, Mascara, Shampoo & Conditioner, Mineral Soap Bar for body. You can ask me about any of these or shop here:

6) Neutrogena Sunblock

I've used this sunblock for years and never burn. I apply it waste up before going out. And I reapply maybe once during our time outside. I am acne-prone and this sunblock doesn't break me out. I've used it on my son, too, and he hasn't had any issues with it, either! I also like the shape and size of the bottle for carrying it on the go.


7) Flip-Flops from Old Navy

I love flip-flops for walking around the beach house to prevent sand from constantly sticking to my feet and for wearing in the walkway from the house to the beach. These are the color I have and love! They are under $4.


8) Stud Earrings

I don't have a link for these ROSE gold earrings that I love because I "borrowed" them from my BFF. Thanks, Beth!! I love 'em!!

9) Bumble and Bumble Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry and the Bb Curl Primer

I have curly hair. I don't have time to come in from the beach every day and blow dry my hair, style it, then have the wind blow it around into a bird's nest. So this time, I would wash my hair and NOT brush it. I would spray this spray in my hair and just let it go. After it dries a little and even when it's dry, I spray in the Curl Primer. AMAZING!! And I need to stock up. Thankfully I can get plenty locally at Styles On Broadway in Martin. Check out their FB page.


10) Maxi Dress or Comfortable Dress

I have to recommend our Tank Dress in Oatmeal. I wore it twice on our trip with two different kimonos and it was just the most comfortable thing ever while eating dinner!

I am in LOVE with a maxi I ordered from, but it arrived while we were gone as well. It's true to size, the perfect length, and I feel like the pattern is so different from most dresses. I will be in this all summer.

This shift dress from is so pretty and actually a thicker material so I don't feel like I'm wearing something I should be sleeping in! It's $22. Took a while for shipping, of course.

11) Nude Flats

A few months ago I found a pair of nude flats that could be dressed up or down at Ribbon Chix in Paducah, KY. They latch around the ankle which is perfect for maxi dresses so you aren't flopping around with a long dress and a shoe!! These are also great when you have to take off and chase a child!!

I'm not sure of the exact shoe, but here are some I love!

12) A Beach V-Neck Tee

We have the perfect White Tee for Summer!!! Size up 1 size for it to be roomy. These are $24 and also come in grey or burnt orange! I wore an XL over my suit for lunch some days!

13) Linen Shorts

I will also be getting more of these lace shorts!! I do NOT do blue jean shorts or tight shorts. I actually rarely wear shorts, but being that we are in the t-shirt business, I tend to wear more tees now and since it's summer, I don't want to wear pants. So comfy linen or lace shorts, it is!!!!  These are $9 at Wal-Mart!

Of course, there are other things I must have such as a cute hair clip like the one I got from The Zoo Gallery at Miramar Beach, FL. I also have to have my cell phone handy at all times and keep a mobile charger on hand, too! I cannot miss shots of my kiddos. I also love a good lip gloss or color. I have to wear a toe ring while at the beach and I love a good diaper bag and wallet that can be used as a wristlet for shopping when the hubby lets me out and drives the kids around! Stay tuned for more traveling MUST-HAVES and go-to products when vacationing with children!!



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