Get Good People Around You

I recently read a quote that said "Get good people around you" and I totally agree!! We had a vendor event tonight at our local school and I had a ton of thoughts in my little brain. I knew every business owner and I loved mingling with them just as much as I loved meeting new and existing customers. We understand that the number one goal for an event is networking. We are on the front lines of getting to represent our own brand for what it is when we are at an event. We are parents. We are a husband + wife team. We are sort of a hot mess at times. And we are entrepreneurs. I'm so proud to be in this position. Ten years ago, I never thought I would be interested in business, even though my mother is a business owner. I just love that the entrepreneurial bug bit me a few years ago.

To be surrounded by like-minded people is so refreshing because most of the hours in my days are spent taking care of patients, a household or babies....not necessarily talking about business or being able to bounce ideas of other people. So in those moments when I'm in local shoppes, brainstorming with my family, and speaking with other business owners, I feel like I'm doing what my soul wants me to be doing. Most of the ladies in the room tonight wear multiple hats in addition to being business owners. Some of them had other occupations prior to their business and others juggle a different career or school along with their business. It just proves you can do anything you want at any time and age or circumstance is not a factor. More than 44 million Americans have a side gig! Crazy, huh?

Our goal is to build a business for our children. And while doing so we hope to inspire them to work hard for things they want in life and to create a life they will love every day. And you never know who we may help along the way with their own business just because they looked at us and realized that if we can run a business, so can they...because WHEW!!! Some days I don't even know which end is up. It's crazy and our house is a WRECK, but I wouldn't change a thing. 

I'm very proud to know Ashley Mitchell of A&B Candles, Emily Dunn & Lindsey Gordon of Urban Designs, Alyse Darby of RAH Designs, Beverly Williams & Betsy Perkins with Goob's & Aunt B's Antiques & Hidden Treasures, DeShawn Box of Down on Main Street, and Abby Huffstetler of Senegence. I'd love it if you would look them all up and follow them on Facebook & Instagram!!!










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