Hey, friends!! My name is Crystal Tucker, founder of TUCKED & THREADED along with my husband, Jim. We have a small, but mighty team helping us keep things growing and flowing with T+T. 

Everyone involved with Tucked & Threaded has a passion to be relatable, say what only others think, and to take care of others’ needs through creative, encouraging, and inspiring products. 

We do this by elevating other individuals and businesses, investing in relationships, and helping customers and employees enjoy being a part of our brand.

Our culture is centered on the joy we receive from helping moms and businesses be fulfilled in their lives and enjoy our fun and positive products. We do this by taking risks, being authentic, giving back, helping others, and providing something new each week. 

Being able to give back to so many families and organizations thanks to your support means the world. We love working with our hearts, our hands, and our children. Printing, creating, and serving and collaborating with others is our jam. We are constantly learning and growing and trying to be the best we can be. Running our business from our she-shed gives us the separation from our home that we were needing for years, but allows family time to be a #1 priority. 

We love sharing our story with others and hope to inspire people to create the best life possible. Anything is possible with a great idea, passion, hard work, consistency, and lots of help!! Thank you for following our brand and our journey.


( I couldn't delete the first family photo on our website from 2016 )