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    We love our supporters!! There has been so much growth with our little business lately, I cannot say "Thank You" enough. We have been in business about 16 months now and I am definitely proud of us. We are still designing our own designs, burning our own screens, and hand-printing tees in our kitchen with our small set up and four different color inks. We have been knocking out some new designs lately after I think we had a bad batch of a product we use to make screens. We had to do some troubleshooting, which was time-consuming. We have some ideas about how to continue growing, one of which is to increase our amount of wholesale orders. We have had several of them recently which range from small business unique designs, boutiques, to salons. I feel as though this route coincides with my goal of being home with our little children more. However, I love selling to the end user, YOU, our wonderful customers! It's a good problem to have to be at a pivotal point to have to make these calls. Therefore, if you ever have any ideas or suggestions, we are all ears. We love it when our customers recommend us to their friends, because a referral is one of the best things in business. It's amazing what "word of mouth" can do!! We definitely appreciate you all helping us spread the word about our small business. New plans are being implemented while we are currently on vacation and new items being delivered back home! Stay tuned!
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