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We are extremely honored to be working with makers who understand the importance and uniqueness of a handmade product. Imagine a world without makers. We wouldn't have our morning coffee mug, our favorite t-shirt, our unique jewelry, that beautiful antique cabinet, wonderful art, or amazing music. Some businesses consist of one maker hand-making each and every item in their home. Some businesses operate out of warehouses and some work with makers of other countries in an extra effort to support those not as fortunate. Our first featured maker is a young lady from west TN, Lexie Grear. Her work can be found in her Facebook Group, "Sumwhere Over the Rainbow".  We hope that you will enjoy seeing all of the creations from our featured makers and be inspired to get creative, crank up some music, or go shopping in your local shoppes.

{ Lexie is open to work with boutiques for wholesale. You can get more information by emailing her at }

Making earrings started as a quarantine hobby and quickly turned into a small business that I fell in love with within a few months. My small business brings me so much joy & the best feeling comes from seeing my pieces on each & every smiling face that purchases from me. Every piece I make is unique just like we all are. Each and every detail is special which is a reminder to me that our flaws make us beautiful in our own way. I hope you guys find comfort in these pieces as much as I do.

With Love, Lexie