Business Opportunities Are Like Buses

“Business opportunities are likes buses; there’s always another one coming.”-Richard Branson

Wow!!!! If this wasn’t the quote I needed to read as we are ending 2019. I am tired. I feel like I’m going to truly take a little break over Christmas to take a step back from business life and focus on myself and my family. When something is nagging at me, I feel like I HAVE to listen to it. Something has just been telling me to stop planning events lately. I don’t mean that I’m stopping them because we do have a couple on the books for 2020, but I’m making an effort to stop trying to fill up my calendar. We’ve done at least fifteen events this year consisting of wholesale shows, retail shows, and speaking engagements. (I also feel like there are more, but my brain is tired.) Most of these events were put on the calendar because I sought them out, but some of the most rewarding events have been those unexpected ones that we were invited to attend. THAT has proven to me that I cannot stress on making sure I have a set amount of things scheduled. I tend to stress on making sure we have events scheduled, jotting down events I want to remember next year, and asking others which events they love the most. I know this is because I love our business, but I also feel like I must maintain these events to "keep up". So I want to be sure I'm participating in these events because it works well with our schedules and our sanity levels. I cannot focus on that other business who does eight Christmas events and we only did six. I cannot pay attention to anyone else’s path except ours. 

As we end our fourth year in business, I can’t help but reflect on the year and ask myself what we will improve on next year and map it out as much as possible. And at the same time, I’m asking myself how to “slow down”. I don’t mean “slow down” my business, but I mean I want some peace back in my life. I’ve got to make my life and business more efficient so I can maintain my family time and “me” time, which, let’s be really just possibly finishing this season of THIS IS US before the next one airs. I’m sure this is a common struggle for all working Moms, but I do feel responsible for our calendar and our work-life balance as I’m the crazy one in the house. I’ve got to put myself and family first and make decisions that give me peace and time. 2020 will be a year of amazing growth for T+T. I know that. It will also be a year to streamline things, organize, plan, and become more efficient. And in a couple of months, I’ll be switching gears and accepting new opportunities. It will all work out the way it’s supposed to.
So if you’re reading this, just know that it’s okay to take a step back. It’s okay to put things on pause for yourself and/or your family. Maybe you want to travel or focus on your hobby for a bit. It’s okay!! If you want to quit your job and be with your kids, do it. If you aren’t meant to be a full-time stay-at-home parent, go get a job! You have to do whatever gives you the most PEACE! We are all different. We all thrive in different situations. I LOVE events, so this decision to do less events next year has nothing to do with my passion for seeing our supporters and meeting new boutique owners. This just means I’m going to change things up, plan, and work my butt off during the hours in the day that I have to grow our business. 

We only have so many hours in the day. We cannot spend them doing things that don’t give us peace or that cause us anxiety. It’s okay to do something for yourself! Your family (and customers) will thank you in the long run!  Therefore, when reading that quote, I can only think about how there will always be more buses, but no more babies!
Sunflower Field Photos by Eventide Photography by Carrie Cantrell


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    Thank you so much, Mrs. Pam. That means so much to me!!

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