New Year, New Book

I cannot believe it's 2019!! We begin our fourth year in business this year! How crazy is that? If you've been following our journey, I'm sure by now you know the reasons and the thoughts behind beginning our brand. Basically, I wanted to build something of my own and create happiness for our family and for those who were a part of T+T. I know we aren't creating heart valves or electric cars, but being creative and having people love and be incredibly comfortable and confident in our apparel is important, too! I say this to let you know that whatever your heart is telling you to do, do that!! Have you ever watched Shark Tank, seen the "As Seen on TV" aisle or even scrolled social media to see businesses thriving with random ideas or even products that make you wonder how that could be a sustainable business? That is proof that we live in the land of opportunity and with the correct plan and actions, most businesses can thrive. 

The new year is a great time to begin your new BOOK! Not a new page or a new chapter, but let's claim that it's an entire new book! It's time put pencil to paper and create goals and action plans for your business. I'm preaching to myself over here because I am such a procrastinator and a "wing-it" type of person. I've got to be better about this as far as planning ahead. But when you begin a business, you ARE just winging it. I think three years later, I have to get it together, but up until this point, I have survived just learning as I go and most importantly, just doing whatever it is I feel needs to be done and not overthinking it and waiting. 

As a nurse turned entrepreneur, I always love sharing our story in hopes to inspire others. Just because I don't have a degree in business or marketing doesn't mean that I can't be a business owner. This whole process might be a little bit tougher for a nurse than an experienced business owner, but who cares!? 

Starting off 2019 in your business requires you to ask yourself a few questions:

1) What do I love doing?

2) What business idea can accomplish income, longevity, and growth?

3) Is there a way to grow this business so it's not a one man show?

4) How many hours per week can I put into a side business or is this full-time? 

5) What funds will I use to begin?

This is how we got started. I will continue to break down the steps of beginning a business and share things other business owners have taught us in our blog. I love sharing how WE do things, even though I know they are not the perfect ways. We all have to learn from each other and be willing to serve others. I wouldn't be typing this blog post if numerous people weren't helping us!

We hope 2019 is full of fun times, slow times, growth, self-improvement, health and success for us all! Thank you for following along!

Creating a business while working another job is possible! It requires so much dedication, consistency, help, and sacrifice, but it's so fulfilling.

Creating your business name and logo is such a fun step I will write about next time!

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