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When I decided to start my own business a few years ago, I never realized the relationships that would be built from it. I am so thankful for those who teach me things along the way and are always willing to help in any way. So I totally dig that quote about finding your tribe and sticking with them. (Look at me with all these quotes all the time...I don't do it on purpose.) Therefore, today I am writing about my friend and our main T+T photographer, Carrie Cantrell of Eventide Photography.


{ Carrie and I together at a T+T photo session }

{ Carrie's work photographing our models }

Carrie and I met via the internet!! Thank goodness for social media, right? I was a fan of her photography work and if my Insta feed was only filled with her photos, I'd be a happy girl. We met for the first time at a session she did of my family and myself. I have been an even bigger fan ever since! She is one of those people you meet and think, "I wish I could be more like her". I feel like she is calm, patient, understanding, relatable, hard-working, and someone who actually listens when you speak or text her a million thoughts. So top all of that off with the ability to have a business relationship with her...I am in Heaven. She is FABULOUS at photography and I also love her story of how she came into the business owner role. And I can totally relate that family is #1 to her and her motivation behind it all. I love that most of my friends are motivated by their families to create businesses and their own schedules. Her husband has a similar story as he runs his wood-working business from their home, as well! Talk about talent in that household!

{ Carrie on a family getaway }

Eventide Photography by Carrie Cantrell was established in 2015. She actually grew to love photography during her previous business...a handmade jewelry business on Etsy. So for years before she established Eventide Photography, she actually was able to get so much experience under belt photographing friends and family who knew about her talent. After a couple of years, she decided to embrace photography on a full-time basis and quit her full-time job at Union University. I think this transition is one of the most difficult for entrepreneurs. This is a common question for growing business owners. Knowing when to make that transition is key. She knew in her heart after effort, prayer, and a joint decision with her husband Adam, that jumping in full-time was the right choice. I love this because it shows that slow and steady wins the race. I know that in business, we want things to happen now. We want to be replacing our job incomes with our business incomes NOW! But it doesn't work that way. It takes time and that is OKAY!! If you follow Carrie and her business, you will see that family time and self-care is so important. Her husband and two sons are her priority and seeing a business owner balance family time and business tasks, is always intriguing to me. We don't actually BALANCE it 100%, but we are always attempting to achieve it to some degree.

Carrie has such a unique style and view on her photography. She believes in simple photography and capturing those genuine smiles, sweet hugs, and the magic of moments as they are lived. She also keeps her gallery delivery simple, too, and doesn't overwhelm you with crazy packages or a million images that you can't decide on.

You can read more about her packages and options on her website at any time. She also has more information about her story and her business that I encourage you to read. Her mission for her work is, "to provide a fun, non-traditional, stress-free photography experience while freezing a moment ash is otherwise gone. My promise is to capture all the real, raw, in-between moments that tell your unique story." From babies to brides, Carrie truly loves what she gets to do daily and being part of your story.

I love seeing her business grow, as her calendar fills up quickly and she is now requiring second shooters to assist her at certain events. She also mentors other photographers in the West and Middle Tennessee area. She just amazes me in all she does. She is a giving soul and always serving others, and I find that quality to be rare these days and very important. 


You can find all of her work on Instagram, Facebook, and her website! I encourage you to consider her for your newborn, senior, wedding, or family session! You will not be disappointed!!

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