Come see us in the T+T She-Shed

So you may be wondering what you keep hearing and reading about the "she-shed". I wanted to explain a little more about this as I know it can be confusing. Some questions I receive often are :

> Do you have a store?
> Do you have set hours?
> Where is your she-shed located?
> Can anyone come to the she-shed?
And I'm here to answer all the questions!! At the end of 2016, we began Tucked & Threaded in our home in Greenfield, Tennessee. Our kitchen was used as the production area where we would screen print tees and sweatshirts by hand until the early morning hours. Our living room and closet weren't off limits for workspace either. Over the years, we outgrew our house and finally decided to clean out our "man cave" on our property and turn it into the "T+T She-Shed". It was the best decision for our work/life balance to separate the work space from the living space. My eye still twitches a little when I see photos from 2017 with babies running around and navigating through all the online and boutique order boxes.
In 2020, we had our first she-shed event and it was phenomenal. A LINE of people, y'all. I just never imagined that, but also I KNOW how hard people root for us and that has truly been the only reason we remain in business. It is always my favorite feeling to see people come to our backyard and support us. Throughout the last four years, we have had some pretty fun times and memories made in the shed. So many tees have been printed there, thousands of orders shipped there. We have talked life, babies, death, life stresses, and I've hugged your necks when you have something to celebrate and when our conversations get the water works flowing. The shed may be the fun spot, but YOU are the reason we are here!!
These events have my heart. So I keep them on my brain and the calendar! Every month or two, we will have open shopping days and we promote those on social media, emails, and through Facebook events. Usually we have 1-2 other businesses set up with us to bring our customers a unique experience and get new eyeballs on my friends' businesses. Pop-ups and vendor events are crucial for growth for small businesses and I am so thankful our communiTEE shows up for us and my friends in such a fun, chill setting.
The hours for the events are usually 10am-3 or 4pm. We aim to have Saturday events throughout the year and sprinkle in a few Thursday and Friday night events, too! If the scheduled she-shed shopping days don't work for your schedule, feel free to reach out to us anytime to set up a private shopping time! Just know children and a dog will be greeting you, but they love you visiting just as much as I do!
The T+T She-Shed is in Greenfield, TN at the end of Vance Street, not to far from Highway 45 in town. You will reach the shed by walking under the carport through the gate to the grey and tan building! My phone number is 731-697-5488 if you need me!! Anyone and everyone is welcome!! We have snacks & drinks & toys for the kiddos, too. I will say that our sidewalk is sort of uneven if you have issues walking, bring a cane for stability. We can't wait to see you at our next T+T She-Shed Shopping event! It's always a wild, laid back time and I know you'll enjoy your experience! 
The best way to stay in the loop for events is to sign up for our newsletter here!
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Our Instagram and Facebook accounts are full of all the latest arrivals and happenings, too!
Thank you so much for reading and learning more about Tucked & Threaded. We hope you'll come see us soon and bring a friend! Our little town has several restaurants, a coffee truck, and other shoppes, too! We will see you in the shed!!

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