When Female Forces Collide

There is truly nothing better than when small businesses collaborate and create magic! I'm honored that my friend, Maegan Jolley, did not waste a second agreeing to working with us and gifting us with her graphic design skills when I messaged her. I made a note in my phone in November 2023 when I was trying to decide if I was going to message her with the offer. The message was edited multiple times to make my idea sound extremely fun, light, and exciting. It's exciting, right? A couple of months later I finally decided to push "send" and Maegan was on board and pumped to work together. I let out a sigh of relief that she didn't think my idea was terrible. 

Maegan has been offering her design services to multiples businesses and clients in our area since 2017 and has her own business, Jolley Lane Design Co., that I would love for you to follow here on Facebook. She deserves all the business success in the world. She is a busy working Mama and I admire her for balancing all the things and making it look so easy. 



Our goal is to create designs that are beautiful and meaningful. My ideas and random quotes I tell myself start in my brain in the middle of the night during a nursing session or a long drive and serve as the foundation for each design. From a single idea typed out, Maegan has the freedom to create what speaks to her and her work is a testament to her talent. The garments and color combinations are chosen with our customers in mind and our goal is for you to love living in your T+T apparel. When you wear your tees, we want you to feel confident, beautiful, and inspired.

We both look forward to creating for you and offering unique apparel designed right here in West Tennessee from two moms living in one red light towns. Our creations are much more than just a t-shirt. They are proof that women can make it in the small business and design space. These shirts are the symbol of girl power, shopping small, and female forces colliding!

Thank you for supporting multiple businesses when you shop with us and share about us with your friends. Your support will forever be one of the most meaningful things in our lives.


Crystal & Maegan


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  • Tanya Baker

    Talented women who hold each other up is something to be admired. Love this so much❤️

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