How to Dress for Fall Nights

Even though August is coming to an end, we still have plenty of hot days left to endure here in Tennessee. We love a t-shirt and shorts combo, but sometimes when chilly weather [eventually] comes along, we Wundt accessorize and layer without looking slouchy. 

1) Skinny Distressed Jeans 

Distressed skinnies are perfect all year and great for dressing up or down. You can pair them with a bohemian sandal or with a wedge. We love that several of our tee options can be dressed up and ready for a night out. Shop one of our favorite tanks here, as this is great for the end of summer and under a kimono in the fall. We love these jeans from Wilder Lane Boutique near Nashville and you can shop online at


2) Kimono Love

It's no secret that we love a kimono; just check out our selection of handmade kimonos here. We often receive comments from people that they are not sure when a kimono is appropriate. We are here to tell you...our kimonos can be worn anywhere and everywhere! We see them worn to the office, during the nightlife scene, and even to bed. These are perfect over a tank or v-neck. Our burgundy tee is perfect for the fall with a kimono. You can shop the look here. We also love that our kimonos are a jersey material which means they are incredibly soft, but don't wrinkle when you want to take it off and toss in your tote.


3) Layer with a Hoodie

Hoodies are perfect in the fall as they aren’t too heavy, but are perfect for a cool night. We love our newest hoodie which is a t-shirt hoodie with a unisex fit. We also have a thicker option in several colors coming soon!


4) Comfortable Pants

We are definitely on the comfortable clothing train and don't plan on getting off any time soon! We love that a simple t-shirt can be worn with linen or ruffle pants! This look is comfortable, yet can be worn all day from the office, to the football game, to the couch watching a movie. Add a little shape to your look by tying new you’re tee in a side-knot or tucking it in slightly. We feel like having items in your wardrobe that are functional is so important and it saves you money! 


Hassle-free wardrobes are GOALS! We love being able to assist you in finding apparel that is comfortable, affordable, durable, and fashionable. You can take a daytime t-shirt or tank and quickly spruce it up for a night out with such little effort.  Our fall tees will be your favorite for those chilly evenings and you can bring it back out year after year. Our Fall Collection is now available!



Phtos by Eventide Photogroahy by Carrie Cantrell


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