5 Ways to Wear a Graphic Tee

We love a graphic tee over here at TUCKED & THREADED. We actually may have a tee obsession. Maybe that should be our new hashtag...it's probably taken. Anyway, we wanted to post some of our awesome models in our apparel to show different ways our items can be worn on a daily basis. This will prove to you (and your husband) that you can never have too many tees!

A t-shirt can look different on your body depending on the size and your accessories. There is nothing better than a functional piece of apparel. A t-shirt that can be dressed up or down is a wardrobe must-have!

1. KEEP IT SIMPLE! A casual outfit will let your t-shirt design pop! Distressed skinnies or    blue jean shorts are all you need with the right tee!

    A blush tee is a wardrobe staple in our eyes. This color makes the black ink and her beautiful tan pop!          

2. KNOT IT! If your shirt seems a little too casual for your liking, go all '80's style and tie a knot in it. We like the shirt to still cover our waistline, but you could go even higher for more of a cropped tee vibe.

knotted tee    

3. TUCK IT IN! You can go for little tuck in the front or tuck your tee in completely and add a high-waisted skirt and be ready for any occasion.

tucked in tee, graphic tee   

4. LAYERS! You can add a bralette under a tank or add a kimono or cardigan over your tee! Rock a sporty look by adding a sports bra and yoga pants!

bralette under a muscle tank adds a girly and dressy feel     A graphic tank is a must in the summer! A sports bra can add a pop of color to your outfit!

a kimono or cardigan is the best way to layer a graphic tee     

5. ADD ACCESSORIES! You could add a chunky necklace for an instant feel of being dressy. Headbands are another way to add a vintage, girly vibe to your t-shirt. A hat or wedges will be a great way to finish off your look while being comfortable yet feminine.

     pumps and skinnies make a graphic tee seem like high fashion!           


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