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They have made adult coloring a thing, so being creative MUST be a good thing for your brain. I’ve read plenty of articles that confirm crafting is therapeutic and will reduce exercise for your mindset. I can totally relate to this as when I’m printing apparel, I am in the zone. No kids can ask for anything...well, they can ask, but they won’t receive. I can’t answer the phone or texts. Sitting down with my pencil and paper or iPad thinking of new designs is quite soothing for me, as well. These times are  really the only times I can concentrate on just the task at hand. I actually like creating and working with my hands. 

Here at TUCKED & THREADED, we print every tee in-house. We have other items such as hats and koozies that are made by other TN Moms, but your tees are hand-printed by myself. Now, I can’t say I will always be the sole printer. I would love to train Matti to help print, but she already has so many responsibilities, we aren’t sure if this is the right answer. 

Business is always changing and growing (hopefully) so we are just being open to change as it comes our way. So if you are a business owner who creates, we would love some feedback from you and how you manage it all! We would love to feature other makers on our blog to really get a feel for the behind the scenes beauty and chaos of the business life! 

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