When Motherhood Ain't For You

Y’all know I’m in the thick of motherhood and it has my head and heart spinning most days. Being a stay at home Mama and running a business and always in the car seeing my family. I just don’t know. I just don’t know about my sanity most days.
But my friend, Candy Maclin Harris, has blessed my weary heart with her words, as always. Candy and I met back in college just a "few" years ago. Her big and bold personality just blessed my soul then as it does now. We were in that awful public speaking class when we met and it clearly did her more good than it did me, honey. Candy is the friend you will wish you had once you read this book. I read it and soaked it all in in one sitting one night while I nursed my baby and had my nephew in the bed with me. I lost sleep over wanting to read Candy's book! Yes, ma'am!
I’ve been feeling like a failure lately in several ways. One part in Candy’s book that talks about the strength of women and mamas to NURTURE others just hit me hard. I may not be the best business lady or the best wife, but ima be the best mama and nurturer I can. It’s what I’m meant to do. And I do KNOW this, but I love how Candy reminded me of that.
Y’all go read her book. Not once, but maybe monthly. It’s the perfect pep talk all of us mamas need, especially if you have young + school-aged children + teens! It would be the BEST gift and all my Mama friends are about to get this book from me as gifts.
Candy tells the best stories throughout her book and for me, I can truly relate to them all. At times, I could feel myself in her exact shoes. From wild kiddos, to job responsibilities, to not losing (and maybe feeling like you are) your marriage during all of the chaos. I can relate to it all. And at the end of the day, relating to people, being empathetic to our fellow sisters and brothers, and staying strong in our faith when the world is cruel and hard is what life is about. Candy is a great friend, mama, and wife so I know you'll love reading and feeling her words.
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