Invest in Yourself

Quotes always get me. Not all quotes. But those women empowerment posts that make me think of my Mama and how I want to be like her when I grow up. She definitely  has the heart and attitude of a business woman, among so many other characteristics that I love. But when I read the one about investing in yourself to be successful, I take the time to remind myself to slow down. I totally wish my Mama would take time for herself. Deep down, I know she functions on being busy, productive and helping others. But it makes me tired thinking about all she does. 



That brings me to the quote: “Invest in Yourself”. I fully believe we all have to take time to invest in ourselves. That may have different meanings for everyone. A college student may just need a break from studying for an entire weekend. A Mom may just need thirty minutes of alone time before the kids rise. A homemaker may just need everyone to leave her alone for a day. A working woman may need to ride around in her car for an hour after work just to be alone. Speaking from experience, I like my alone time and it helps me. It helps me feel organized, I can actually respond to messages and emails or I can watch mindless television. I’m all about being a good Mom and not wasting too much time scrolling social media or getting side-tracked, but sometimes we have to just take care of ourselves and decompress. The result of doing so will be a more accomplished, successful, well-rested woman. What is your way of taking care of YOU?


And someone share this with my Mama!!

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