Good Problems

It's midnight as I'm typing because that's when it's quiet. I've been telling myself I'm going to be better about going to bed early and I actually accomplished that a couple of times this week, surprisingly. It's been a crazy week as we have returned from a trip to Virginia to see one of my best friends get married! It was such a good few days away from chores and business and seeing friends. However, I posted one selfie of myself in a sweatshirt I'd printed for myself and received...oh, I'd say at least 25 orders for them plus a few wholesale orders while we were away. Y'all are the best!! Seriously. This business is growing for us and also teaching me lots of things along the way. I literally have to plan things out so much more being a work at home Mom than if I had a full-time job out of the home. I truly believe it's almost harder having this schedule that we do than if I just worked an 8-5 job. However, that would more than likely not be possible being a nurse either way, it's wild!! I am in the stage now of trying to manage my time. I am open to any revelations you have to help us manage and focus. I have found a few things that work for me, but need more!!!

I love lists. I have a calendar/planner, but I've been loving the tear-away pad from Target that just has one week at a time Monday-Sunday listed so I can write down the tasks for each day and can flip to the next week and write down notes without it all stressing me out. I think this has helped me very much instead of looking at the entire month. I also make lists every night before bed of what MUST be done the next day. I do this in my phone mostly so I will always have it with me and can just delete the task out of my note when it's completed. 

We accept family help. Our Moms are super helpful and love helping us in any way they can. My Mom is also my accountant so lucky her!!! Maybe I need to choose more specific nights I can take call with my nursing job and which days I could have help with the kids and make that more routine. It's just so hard with a nursing job because the schedule is always different. Or maybe I could just take a break from my nursing job....hehe.

We have someone clean our house every other week and I've always done this as my "something for myself" because I love to clean, but can't get it all done for getting distracted so easily. Maybe I could have her come once a week instead of every other week. I believe it's very important to delegate. We are also to the point of needing regular help on a weekly basis to assist with business tasks. I'm trying to figure out the best way to go about that. I also have considered a virtual assistant, but until this stage, it's been hard to justify that. Ooooohh, maybe an intern. Are we legit enough to have an intern? Interesting thought.

We've also been working with a local media production company and having them shoot our apparel with models. We have a graphic designer working with us who is very talented. I have taught myself enough about graphic design so that i can bet by. But it's not a forte. We also have a friend who draws designs for us by hand and her designs are always a hit. The quality of their work is so much better than what I could produce on my own and, again, that takes away tasks for myself.

I'm excited for growth and to even be having these issues arise. I just pray that I am able to stay busy, but not be too busy to build a life and memories to go along with it. I'd love to know what works best for other hustling Mamas out there.

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