It's Been a Busy 2017!

This year has been one to remember. We started out the year by being in business one whole year!! Whoop whoop!! We realized we were growing into more of a brand than just being "screen printers". I read a quote once that said "Grow a brand, not a store". For me, that was it!! I love stores. Stores are life!! But right now what I want is to not be tied down to a location and a schedule. Our kids are little and I want that flexibility. For us, it works to print and ship items from our home and not have a location. We never know if that may change one day, but for right NOW, this works for our life. It's CHAOTIC and my husband told me to quit yelling at the printer tonight, but at the end of the day I smile thinking about what we are building. I hope our children see our work ethic. I hope they realize we can drop what we are doing for THEM at any time needed (& occasionally "wanted"). We want to be able to expand and with a brand, and we are confident in our ability to continue to do so. At the end of last year, one shoppe carried our brand. Now almost ten shoppes carry our brand. Our sales have grown exponentially beginning in the second quarter of this year. My bookkeeping skills have improved. I built our website. I've gotten slightly better with my designs and even drew one design. I'm constantly working on being organized and balancing my time with everything. My husband has spent this year improving himself and we've worked on our marriage. Being partners is one thing, but being business partners is another!! I feel like we manage it pretty well, thankfully. I will tell you, though, I can be very difficult to be around when I'm stressed and Jim usually tries to bring me down a few notches. We have met some incredibly sweet and supportive people over these two years and for that, all the crazy hours and printing is worth it. We hope to inspire others to go after their goals and work hard consistently for whatever it is that you dream of and think of in the back of your mind. Sometimes reaching those goals takes months and years. Sometimes goals change along the way. And always, we must enjoy the journey. We want others to know that you don't always have to have life figured out, you don't always have to use your college degree, you don't always love everything about a business, and you must always be willing to learn and fail and repeat. A hundred years is shorter than you think. Create a life you love!!

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