Work-At-Home Perception

We are into our third year in business! How crazy is that? Things are wild. Running a business is quite the task! I fully believe people do not understand "what I do all day" since I work out of our home and have the kids here with me. I won't go into boring details about our days, but let me just say none of it is EVER boring to me. I don't think I have been bored in approximately ten years!! But seriously, our days are hard sometimes. I like to get things done and with hiccups along the way plus two little children and a barking dog, sometimes it feels like I get NOTHING done. 

I've been thinking a lot about perspective this week so that applies to this post. We should not assume we know what someone else's life is like. And we shouldn't get upset because we think someone else's view is wrong. I have developed a thick skin throughout my nursing career and customer service experience. But it burns my biscuits for someone to make a comment about I am home all day and should have x,y,z accomplished or "lucky you". However, I know that a few years ago, I would not have understood what a work-at-home Mom (or Dad) does all day, either. So we cannot allow others to get inside our heads and take over our time or emotions. We know how hard we work. Our spouses and immediate friends and family know how hard we strive to serve others on a daily basis. And we hope our children see our work ethic towards our relationships, our businesses and our households. It is so easy to assume what someone's life is like behind the walls of a house, but we truly never know unless we live there. And yes, I'm lucky. But don't say it to me like it fell into my lap, because it is WORK, too. I know so many other people who work out of their homes, so this post is for you! We know that it is not easy. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it! But it is WORTH it!

"I'm not RICH, but Lord, I'm FREE!"

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