Mom Guilt

I see so many Moms talk about “Mom Guilt”. I totally wish this didn’t exist, but it really does!!! I’ve struggled with this for a while and I’ve gotten better, but it always has its way of coming back into my mind. As Moms, we want to be there for all the moments. The first laugh, first step, first word, first school performance, first time playing a sport, first everything. The reality is that we WILL miss some of those. But because of this, I have been inspired to miss the least amount possible. If there is something with our routine or schedules or situations we don’t like or that bothers us, we should change it. Or at least go down trying our very best to change it. This will take work. And sacrifice. And we may work harder and more at the process than our current situation. 

And at the same time, we shouldn’t feel guilty for working. What if neither parent worked? Besides being poor and homeless, our children would not see the daily efforts that must go into making a living. We must design our own lives to the best of our abilities. If we want to be a working Mom or a stay at home Mom or a work at home Mom, or a combination of all of those, we still must teach our children work ethic. 

I say this because for almost four years, my mindset has been different and I have been working towards changing my schedule for one that works for our family’s wants and needs. This life may not be what someone else wants or even sees as normal, but it is right for my family. Four years ago, my employee mindset switched to an entrepreneurial mindset. And I have been happier ever since. 

Last week, on one of my very last nights of being out in the middle of the night seeing patients, I listened to a video about a man who went from working on Wall-Street to owning his own business. He said he now works harder and longer hours, but he is happier. That’s it for me, too. Because we switched our mindset and are doing something every day that we love, we are happier. Degrees and incomes don’t really matter at the end of the day. Yes, those things are always factors and important, but if you are happy working at something, success will come. And I can tell you success doesn’t happen overnight or even in a month or year or two. It has taken me almost four years since becoming a business owner to be able to let my daytime job go. I choose to continue to work as a RN a few days month just to maintain my license etc, but no more CALL after 6+ years. Do you know how ecstatic I am about that? Of course that has nothing to do with our patients or the care provided and needed. I am just tired of having my schedule upside down when little children are involved. I still work extremely hard at our businesses, but on my own time and while my children are with me most of the time. I am a firm believer that with hard work and consistency, we can create a life we love. I share a lot about "us" only because this is our story and how we do things...not because it is the right way or the only way to do life. We hope to inspire others to do the same and with the least amount of “Mom guilt” possible. You are all awesome and capable of doing anything! Show your children how Mama gets it all done!

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