Oh, Baby!!

These babies and businesses are running our life right now!! We love it, though. I've been thinking about my best travel tips with kiddos and putting a few notes into my phone. Well, today I was deleting notes and thought i came across a list I didn't need anymore and deleted said notes. But I shall try my best from memory to tell you about products I love lately and some tips for traveling!! Keep in mind I'm speaking of our beach travels that is an average 10 hour drive and we currently have a 3 year old and a 7 month old. I'm sure with older children or newborns, my advice would be a little different.


1) Leave Early

We like to leave early to get home before the children get ill around 4pm or so. On the way down to the beach, we put the 3 year old in then car with my parents so it was quite for the baby to sleep. I think that helped so much!! On the way home, he rode with us and I think it actually helped having them right beside each other to keep each other entrained. He never even watched tv or played with a tablet (he's usually not into either a ton) so I think that helped him nod off to sleep for 2 good naps! I'm just not down with leaving the night before and driving halfway, unpacking bags, then getting up the next morning and packing and driving. Let's just get it done if possible!

2) Don't overpack!

Ha! Preaching to the choir, I am! But I had double the children this vaca season and packed the least amount of items. It's just not all ever going to be used! 

3) Get Up Early!

Oh, not my favorite. But with kids, they are in better moods in the morning and you can enjoy more of the day. And they will be so worn out they'll take a nap before dinner! This beach trip we enjoyed going to the beach for a few hours, eating lunch and shopping, then going back to the beach or just eating an early dinner then having the rest of the evening. It definitely has to revolve around the moods of the children. My child has always been a lunch child so he's better at lunch, however, I will say he was sooooo good this trip. I think it's his age! 


1) Dock-A-Tot

If you use your Dock-A-Tot at home, take it with you! Get a King Size bed and put that thing in between you and the husband or the husband/child duo. It helps in a small bed or when you are all crammed in a bed. 

Travel tips for babies, beach tips with children

2) Summer Infant Pop 'n Play

This thing is great to have! It's great to have in the beach house because nothing is ever baby-proofed and usually there is sand and dirt all over the floors!! My spoiled little baby did not like it, but she usually does at home. So she was held all week by someone. Yep. With nothing being baby-proofed and her being a new crawler, she had to be held. Whew!! And this thing can be taken to the beach for those crawling or newly walking babes who cannot be trusted in the sand or near water. They also have these with a canopy if you want to get extra fancy! The best thing for smaller babies for the beach is #3.

Beach gear with babies

3) IKEA Canopy

I'm obsessed with this thing. We used this all week at the beach. But if Gia had been more mobile than she was, it would've only been useful for naps. She did nap in here, which was great! It still lets a breeze in through the mesh on the bottom and it was under $25!! We can use it at home while outside for shade, too! I would also recommend a larger canopy vs a regular umbrella IF the beach you are going to allows these. 

IKEA Beach canopy for children at the beach and traveling

Beach canopy for shade with children

4) Skin Products

I will recommend Seacret Body Butter for everyone all day long!!! It's the BEST lotion for sunburns as it has tons of Vitamins, Shea Butter, and minerals from the Dead Sea. I could never go on a beach trip without it, for sure!! I also LOVE the Noodle & Boo baby items because they are so smooth and smell Heavenly! I recommend the travel kit with the Body Wash, Shampoo, and Lotion. We picked ours up at Seaside at Oh, Baby and you can also find it at Gap.com and use coupons!!!

5) Sound Machine

Condos or hotels are usually loud and you do NOT want to wake the kids unnecessarily!! Use that sound machine to drown out the noise!! We have used the Graco Sweet Slumber one since Bennett was born and it's great!!!

6) Mesh Laundry Basket

These make the sand toy issue a little better!! Don't pack a ton of sand toys, either!!!!! They'll be fine with one shovel instead of 5 like my Mom likes to take. But the laundry baskets allow the sand to fall right though!!

7) Laundry Needs

*Dreft Stain Remover in a travel spray bottle or a Resolve Stick

*Mesh Bags for washing swimsuits and hats

8) Luggage

I love luggage. I did well packing one large suitcase for myself and my garment bag. I like to keep everyone's belonging separate. I use duffle bags and garment bags for the kids. I also have beach items in a big, open 31 Bag because I don't have to dig around in it. I love the Little English luggage for kids. As soon as we arrive to the room I can quickly hang up everyone's clothes and neatly place the bags around the closet.

Luggage for children

9) Beach Bag Goodies

*Aveeno Sunscreen

*Multiple beach hats for the kids because if they get wet, they may not put them back on!

*Sunglasses for the children.

*Swim diapers 

*Beach towels, but don't take to many beach towels! You will wash them there and they take up so much room!

*Kleenex!!!!!!! The beach always makes their noses run!

*Boogie Wipes because these have saline that helps their skin. 

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