Becoming a Brand

I haven't written anything in quite some time. We have been incredibly busy this summer with massive amounts of printing, vacations, visiting family, and just playing outside. I also work PRN as a RN so I've been pretty busy with that as well. Lately we have been connecting with local businesses and I absolutely LOVE that! It's one of my favorite things. I love shopping and talking and this business combines the two of them!! We love wholesale orders as it fits in with our goals of being home more and having a flexible schedule. We can produce a large amount of shirts in a short time and the job is done. About eight months ago, I wasn't sure it this was a route I would be ABLE to take. Coming from a background of network marketing, I am always nervous I'm being too pushy with my passion. I don't ever want people to feel that vibe from me, but I know it can easily happen. So I've been mulling it over and trying to decide which path to take....retail or wholesale. And I believe the answer is BOTH thanks to word of mouth and boutiques and shoppes actually reaching out to us instead of me feeling like I'm least until we have some work under our belts.

 Why NOT become a brand?? When a few people have said they consider us a "brand" I can't help but feel odd and happy at the same time. In a sense, I don't feel that accomplished. In another way, I feel like it's hard work paying off. It's funny that since beginning this business I haven't had a goal of dollars to be made or even shirts to be sold. I have had a goal to continue to serve others, make customers happy, and to be able to continue to get out of bed every day with a drive and mission. For all of 2016, I never once added up profits. I knew I had money, I knew I had inventory, and I knew I had orders. At the end of the year my accountant (aka my Mama) told me the dollar amount of tees sold. I was sort of proud. Then in March of this year, we sold that same amount in a month and haven't quit. We are currently featured in five local shopped with a couple more in the works. That is so exciting to me! 

We would love to be a brand representing putting your mind to something, ANYTHING, and working towards it. We would love for our brand to make people think that no goal is too small or that no business is too small to boom. We aim for people to know that it's okay to choose a career or path that people don't necessarily think you're "supposed" to be doing. Maybe we could be the ones who inspire someone to start that side gig they have been dreaming about. Maybe we could grow so much that we help other parent's spend more time with their babies. We are very hopeful. We also know that success doesn't come overnight. Success isn't given to you. Happiness isn't either. Both are earned and both have to involve a ton of support from friends and family in so many ways. We just feel blessed we have that surrounding us. Being a business owner means working non-stop and even having ideas in your head at all times that you can't shut off. It means a crazy schedule, a chaotic house at times, and people asking you why you aren't using your degree. It also means we have freedom, and that is our personal goal! This life isn't for everyone and we totally understand that. But if we can inspire others to have faith larger than fear and do something they have always wanted to do, then we are doing something right. 

Thank you for supporting us and following us! We hope you continue to check our site often and maybe even find us in your favorite shoppe someday!!

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