Lately I have found myself sorting though my thoughts about DIRECTION and PURPOSE. Yes, I want to be a business owner. But "WHY, though????" What is the purpose of our business and in which direction we are going?

The answers to my questions are not easy ones. I am not sure I will ever have solid answers for myself as business is always changing. I think it is important we self-evaluate and evaluate our purpose in life. Daily tasks and chores can totally consume us and we must not let go of the idea of always setting goals and being the best versions of ourselves...personally and professionally. 

I say this because I am hoping I can relate to someone and we can both feel relieved we aren't the only ones in the universe questioning their paths. I am currently working on mission and vision statements. You would think almost two years into a business these would be concrete, but they are very important to me, which is why I've been unable to decide on them. I know that business is supposed to solve a problem for consumers and be a positive thing to people. My goal is to grow something and teach our children about hard work. I want to provide a product that makes someone smile. I want to be able to be known as a brand that was created around serving people. 

I thrive on happy customers. I love a simple post or message stating our products put a smile on a face. I absolutely love working with others. I want to be the change, as people say. I wish to provide a change for people. Perhaps someone gains a new viewpoint on careers or relationships just by their connection with us. I would love to provide extra income to a stay at home Mom by adding her to our team. If I can help a college student make some extra money and learn about business, that is so worth my efforts. 

What's crazy is that as I type those things, a few of them are coming true. We have some things in the works and tons of people who are making our dream a reality and that makes me smile. 

I sure don't have our business plans mapped out as some may, but I do know that daily efforts and my mind never being able to turn it off is a sign that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.

Thank you, all, for being a part of our TUCKED & THREADED journey. You are the reason we exist.

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