This week has been a busy one! I feel as though I'm always striving for that "aaah" moment when everything is done and complete and finished. Yeah, none of those ever happen. Our calendar and daily tasks are nuts. Our house is a total wreck and we have dirty dishes in the sink. Oh, and I hope the dog and fish got fed. My husband and I are in separate beds...each with a child because that's how we get sleep. I have a stack of bills on my desk...along with a sock, nail polish I rarely get to use, a couple of random blocks, wads of paper, and tons of to-do lists that I make in order to make myself feel together. We had a T+T meeting today, screens to burn and wash out, patients to see, and babies to bathe. This is such a busy stage in our lives as we are building businesses and raising children. I've learned to let certain things go in our house. We have someone, who we love, help us clean our house, our parents help in multiple ways, and we have a friend who helps us with our business tasks on an as needed basis. We have also recently outsourced a few business tasks. Yes, it costs money to delegate tasks to some extent, but that's imperative when your time is what is at stake. I want to grow a business for our children and their future, but I also have to remind myself to make time to soak up my family. Anxiety can get the best of me juggling all that I do, but I have learned to say "no" to things that overwhelm me and my calendar. That has helped. And having a calendar truly helps. My husband wants a huge one for our kitchen wall (in place of my giant iron bird cage that I love), so I'm going to give in to that soon. I surely don't have any fabulous advice or answers to anything. I just wanted to share a little of our chaos with you because sometimes happy, smiling faces on social media can be misleading. We yell and stress and cry sometimes, too. It's normal. It's part of life, especially the building phase of life. If you feel like you are the only family who can't find the time to sit down and enjoy a Hallmark moment, you aren't!! Those are far and few between sometimes. I think it only helps us appreciate the sweet, slow times.

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  • Emily Dunn

    You are such an inspiration!! I am so glad that our paths have crossed in more than one way! Your blog is so true and you constantly remind me of myself and my little family. I live in a crazy world of being a mom, wife, business owner, christian and still pursuing my passion for music…balance is one of the hardest and most challenging things to accomplish….but when it happens I feel unstoppable!! haha There are days I feel like I have it together with supper on the table and Rhett brushed his teeth before bedtime and their are days I am defeated as I am searching through the pile of clean laundry (which have been on the couch for 2 days) for clean socks and underwear! haha! but I have to laugh at these moments bc if you really think about it its comical! Its nice to read your post bc you are real! Just wanted to give you a shout out for being YOU! Hope you have a great night and don’t ever hesitate if you need anything! -emily

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